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Transfer Duty

Written by  Dr Johan Snyman
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Transfer Duty Transfer Duty

Transfer Duty July 2011














In nominal terms, May 2011 data were better than in April 2011, but the property market is still suffering from lack of mortgage finance from banks.



In real terms, the trend is virtually sideways.



The annual percentage change is nudging the zero line, implying that real levels are the same as a year ago.


Dr Johan Snyman

Dr Johan Snyman

Johan Snyman obtained his BComm and MComm in Economics at the University of Stellenbosch, and complete his doctorate at the University of Cape Town.  He spent 8 years working as an economist at the Bureau for Economic Research, University of Stellenbosch and then established a private consulting firm, becoming Director of Medium-Term Forecasting Associates, a company specializing in research into building cycles and building costs.

In 2007 he was appointed Adjunct Professor in the Department of Construction Economics and Management at the University of Cape Twon.